Building Material

Proctor International provides fast and efficient access to a vast array of contemporary building materials from Europe, North America, and China. Our product solutions can meet different nature of customers from high quality unique specifications to economical and efficient solutions.

Proctor International interior design expertise provides sophisticated product solutions for a variety of interior requirements, from the boardroom to the bedroom, wowing customers with stylish architectural, signature pieces that strike all the right chords.

Proctor International ensures that your specifications are met to the most minute detail, no matter how modest or ambitious the project. We will help you to custom-design a interior and exterior fixtures that captures the mood and business your are looking for, including elegant living, a restaurant, a cafe, a retail business, an office, a hotel, a bed-and-breakfast, or a house.

Technological innovations have opened a whole new avenue of coherences in interior furnishing. Proctor International is competing the score, setting the industry standards for higher end building systems that are in tune with these innovations. Proctor International’s unswerving commitment to quality and efficiency.

The Proctor International name stands for expertise and refinement in product sourcing, OEM manufacturing, logistics and installation. The company’s skilled professionals have the experience and know-how to find artful, innovative answers to today’s architectural design needs.


Lighting, Sanitary Fittings and Fixtures, Kitchen fittings and fixtures, Wooden Flooring, Marble and Granite Flooring, Floor Tiles, Wooden Doors, UPVC and SPC products.